........ Techtronics VLS Variable Load Sensor Quickshifter Sensors

The latest quickshifter technology on the market is the Techtronics Variable Load Sensor. Using load cell technology we now offer the most precise and repeatable sensor we have ever built. Unlike the strain gauge systems out there that need a separate control box and processor to drive them the VLS is unique in that all the electronics and IC is housed within the sensor. With an adjuster screw for pressure settings and ultra bright Blue LED to show you when you trigger the sensor this is the most advanced system on the market today. Get perfect quickshifts with the correct pressure settings for your application and prolong the gearbox life of your bike. Available in Compression or Tension type or Double output and compatible with all other major quickshift systems and ECM's.

  • Lightweight Aluminium Construction
  • Compact Size
  • Adjustable Pressure Setting - Approximate Range 8.0KG to 18.0KG
  • Supplied With Universal Linkage Rod Fitting Kit
  • Available In Compression & Tension Formats & Dual Output
  • Ultra Bright Blue LED Trigger Indicator

The ultra bright LED avtivates when you reach the pressure point at which the sensor sends its signal and makes setting the pressure to suit your style or gear lever ratio simple without having to guess.

Quality engineering and tight tolernaces allow the sensor to run light settings, avoid running high pressures where gearbox wear can occur and shifts are notchy. There are many ECU and Ignition System companies out there that use Techtronics Shift Sensors with their own equipment. The Sensor is compatible with all types of common quickshift systems and ECU/Ignition systems.
Download VLS Sensor PDF Data Sheet